The Journey has begun! Days 1 and 2.

I want to die!

Ive been told that it gets easier, but I don’t know if I can see the light at the end of the tunnel just yet.

We started the first day of our 30 day challenge on Monday night. It had been a long, emotionally tiring day that included rude employees and an Easter Party to throw for my Brownie and Spark group.  Lets just say that I was in no mood to work out. But I decided that this was a challenge after all. A challenge to get out of your comfort zone and get off your ASS!

Our very FIRST Sweaty Selfie!

Needless to say, we worked out. We (being my best friend and myself) actually worked our asses off. And you know what? I did not feel as grumpy when we were finished. I knew my mood would change once I began working out, which was a big motivator for me to actually do the workout in the first place.

Focus T25—Cardio was our work out of choice for our first night. It was hard, even doing the modified version. I almost gave up about half way through thinking “OH MY GOD, my chest is going to cave in.” My butt muscle cramped up at one point, which made doing those damn squats quite awesome. (NOT). I even felt that notorious ‘Im gonna puke’ feeling when I finished.  However, I did not give up. I pushed through, even though I had to do some of the modifiers a lot slower than they were showing, and I finished the whole 25 minutes of the workout. I am actually pretty proud of myself 🙂

My hips are killing me today and I feel like my legs might give out at any time, but thats ok. It will get easier. Hopefully after 2 weeks of this workout my legs wont hurt as much.

Sweaty Selfie

On the second day of the 30 Day Beach Body Challenge we tried out the Hip Hop Abs video. I dont know about you, but I have ALWAYS wanted to try Hip Hop Abs. Well let me tell you, it was a flop! I knew I did not like it within the first 5 minutes. There were no modifiers, he went too quickly and I was barely breaking a sweat.

We finished the 20 minute workout and decided that we had not sweat enough, so we did 10 minutes of the Focus T25 Ab Intervals. This video was SO MUCH BETTER! It was hard. Hard enough that I couldn’t do everything that they were showing; but, I modified those parts of the workout so that I was still working on the same muscle group just in a slightly different way. Even though we only did 10 minutes of the 25 minute video we were sweating our butts off!wpid-20150331_211644.jpg

Sweating our butts off is the best part. When you’ve finished your workout, you FEEL like that workout did something!

Today, my thighs are in rough shape. I feel like I can barely walk. I definitely cannot go up or down the stairs as usual (I have to kind of hop/shuffle up and down). So our next work out will be strictly arms and some cardio. I have to give these legs a break or I feel like they might actually fall off. 🙂

If you have any questions about the meal plan or what food I’m eating, please feel free to ask away! I log EVERYTHING into the My Fitness Pal app.

Leave a comment on how your shedding the pounds too. 🙂

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