2 Days Down, 98 To Go

Well I made it through day 2. They say 28 days is how long it takes to build a habit. I’m hoping since I had been working out for a while before, and only took about a month long break, that it won’t take quite 28 days hehe.

I get home late in the evening so we eat a sit down, family meal,  pretty much as soon as I get home from work so that my daughter has time to relax before bed.  Ive been thinking about something.  I feel like I need to find a way to get my work out in as soon as I get home (before I eat dinner). It’s when I have the most energy and the most motivation during any given day.

I’m hoping I can figure out a way.

Tonight I had a small snack when I got home, fed my daughter, and went and did a workout before putting her to bed. Let’s see how that works out 😆.


Challenge Accepted!

Challenge groups. Challenge groups are the way to go. And a challenge is what I have accepted.

A challenge group is where my journey really began. T25 is where I started with a 30 day challenge. I figured 30 Days was easy enough and I got through it. Then I did another and another but I found that if I wasn’t in a challenge group that I did not push myself.  If I didn’t have a group to be inspired by and post to then I didn’t feel motivated to work out.

I needed to be accountable so I joined a new group. I joined a 100 day challenge group!! I figured that if I could do some 30 day challenges then I could absolutely do this.

So here it goes! 1 day down 99 to go!



Its Sleep Oclock

Tired, tired, always tired.

I’m not really sure what is wrong with me the last few weeks. I am so overly tired. Tired to the point that when I get home from work, at 6pm, I eat dinner and go to bed. My daughter gets herself ready and basicly puts herself to bed so that all I have to do it tuck her in and say goodnight before heading to dream land myself.

I have ZERO energy to do. To do laundry. To do lunch prep (sometimes I do still manage this). To do fun things with my daughter. To do any excersize routine of any shape or form. What the hell is wrong with me?

I got blood work done to see if some levels were low but it came back and everything was fine. My diet hasnt changed. I have a new job but honestly there isnt too much stress. But I am waking up MULTIPLE times per night. I am waking up MID thought…my brain is not shutting off when I go to sleep, it just keeps going!

Insomnia. Is that what they would call this? Even though I can fall asleep, and fall back to sleep everytime I wake up in the night. Is that still insomnia or is it something else?

I hope to God I figure it out soon or I feel like I will never be able to work out again.

Truth Hurts!

The truth hurts…and it hurts sooo bad!

My truth is that I havent worked out faithfully in over a month. A workout here, a long walk there, just doesnt add up to the regular workouts that I was used to doing. Because of this, I have lost muscle tone. I havent gained any weight and my clothes are still fitting the same, but I can feel my muscles tiring more easily.

So, I decided that yesterday was my re-start date. Yesterday was really when the truth hit me…and it hit me hard. I did T25 Alpha Cardio and I almost didnt make it! I felt like giving up hald way through. My muscles were not moving like I was used to them moving. This sucked! But honestly, I am so happy that I finished that damn workout.

My plan is to work out 4 nights a week, with a stretch/yoga day thrown in there somewhere. I am going to do T25 Alpha for at least 3 weeks and then Im going to move up to the T25 Beta that I was supposed to start weeks and weeks ago. That is when I plateaud with the workouts…when I was supposed to move up to the next level (Beta). Maybe I was scared, maybe I just got lazy but Im ready now.

I am ready to be strong and fit. I am ready to be a better me than I am right now.