Zumba-Week 2

wpid-20150928_193714.jpgLast week I paid upfront for all of the Zumba classes in the session, which ensures that I will make it to ALL of the classes. Thats 11 weeks of shaking my ass and watching my jiggly bits jiggle. Thank God there are no mirrors in the room 😀 haha.

It was a great class, but on a T25 scale of Nailed It, or Barely Made It….It was the latter. I felt as though I was tripping over my feet, couldnt nail the moves, and was barely breathing by the end. I huffed and puffed through the entire class. I almost fell on my neighbour because I tripped on my pant leg. I had to stop before the very last song because my foot was so cramped up I couldnt walk on it.

By the end of the class I was drenched from head to toe but I felt amazing. Through all of the trip ups and mistakes (so many mistakes hehe) I was still so glad that I went and made it through the class. I felt energized and happy after that amazing workout and after being surrounded by other beautiful woman like myself who made the same mistakes and missteps that I did. All in all it was a great class and I cannot wait to go back next week.

This is just a snap shot of the impact that my Zumba workout had on my day via my FitBit:day impact 28th

And this is to show you that I (pretty much) reached my goal of 10,000 steps in 1 day which NEVER happens via my FitBit:Sept 28th

sept 28th 2

Zumba! With A Hint of Anxiety.

I started in a Zumba class this week. Its taken a lot for me to feel comfortable participating in any kind of excersize class. I dont want people to see me and all of my jiggly bits, jumping, bouncing OR shaking (and trust me we shook ALOT).  Honestly, I was not comfortable at first BUT I pushed through that social anxiety and went…by myself.

Going by myself is huge. I have always suffered from social anxiety and to think about just a few years ago when I could not go anywhere by myself. I always had to have someone come with me almost everywhere or I would make up excuses as to why I couldnt go or do something. Whether I was with a group of friends or not I would have all of these thoughts running through my head about how others perceived me, judged me. I wasnt pretty enough, or thin enough, I was way to fat, or at least fatter than ALL of my friends, I wouldnt know what to say or be able to come up with any witty comebacks etc.

…to now…going to a fricken zumba class by myself? Im pretty impressed with me right now 😀

Im not saying that I did not have any of those thoughts. At times I thought, omg everyone just saw me trip on my own foot, or I eww Im disgusting by how much Im sweating. But guess what I saw when I looked around? I saw other people tripping…and sweating..and still having fun! So guess what I did? I let myself have some damn fun too!

It was a great class! And yes, everyone was DRENCHED by the middle. And I actually did not feel as judged as I thought I would. I liked it so much that I signed up for the rest of the 10 classes in advance. :O I know, I cant believe it either haha.

So go get out there and let yourself have some fun and get some excersize while your at it!

After Zumba

3 Day Quote Challenge Day 3

Sorry I didnt post my last quote over the weekend! Weekends are usually a no blog time. Time spent with my daughter. So I am posting it today!

Its a little long, but its the last one SO deal with it haha.


Oh, Yes, the past can hurt. But the way I see it, you can either run from it or learn from it.

-Rafiki (Disney’s The Lion King)

I love anything Disney. I could have posted a million different quotes all from Disney movies. Heck, I could have chosen at least 10 quotes just from The Lion King, but I spared you. I chose only one.

This quote really speaks to me as the choice of, running from your past or learning from it, is a choice that we each have to make every single day.

Everyone has something that has happened to them that was life altering. Wether its a death in the family, abuse, drug addiction, war etc. Everyone has experienced something negative, to absolutely horrific, but you have to decide how you are going to let it affect your life in the end.

There are so many blogs that I read every day where, the authors, have chosen to learn from these life events. Learn to live with the ramifications of choices that they made, or were made for them when they were young, learned to accept the things that cannot be changed, learned to be happy and use their experience to help others. So many times I am inspired by these bloggers who LEARNED from their past and CHOSE not to let it ruin them.

Everyone has this choice, including myself. I choose every to not let my past experiences dictate how I live my life. I have learned from early on that I have to accept the things that I cannot change, and learn to do the things that I want to do a little differently but still do them. We are all the same in this way. We all have this choice. You just have to choose the right path.

3rd Gen Mama ❤

3 Day Quote Challenege-Day 2


She is clothed with strength and dignity and laughs without fear of the future

-Proverb 31:25

i have always loved this quote.

I hope this for my beautiful daughter. That she will be happy and confident within herself and not worry about what the future holds. ❤

3 Day Quote Challenge-Day 1

You know I love a challenge!

I was nominated by Becky over at Restart Urgently Needed to participate in the 3 Day Quote Challenge yesterday. Thank you for nominating me!

I am so excited to take part in this as I absolutely love literature. If you know me personally, then you know that I always have my nose in a book. I am always reading any chance that I get. There is a book in my purse, right this minute, waiting to be cracked open at lunch!

For this challenge I am going to nominate 3 great bloggers:

  1. Jared at Strength to Inspire because he has inspiring words on a usual day so I would love to see what his 3 favourite quotes are.
  2.  Impressions & Expressions (so sorry, I dont know your actual name) because she just started following me (YAY).
  3.  Raising My Rainbow because I just love your insight and Id love to hear from a great mom like you!

Rules for Three-Day Quote Challenge

  • Thank the blogger, who nominated you.
  • Publish 3 quotes on 3 consecutive days in your blog. It can be your own, or from a book, movie or from anyone who inspires you.
  • Nominate 3 more bloggers to carry on this endeavour.

Anyways, my quote today is by Maya Angelou, an amazing poet and author. All of her quotes and poetry speak to me in a different way. They may mean something different to me each time I read them, depending on what I am going through at that time. But I thought this specific quote really spoke to what my blog is all about.


You alone are ENOUGH. You have nothing to prove to anybody.

-Maya Angelou

I am enough. I have said this a few times throughout my blog. I am enough. You are enough. It does not matter what anyone else says or thinks or does. It is all about what you say, what you think, and what you do to make yourself happy.

I realized that I needed this quote today. Maybe you do too?


Golden Valley Silver Flowers

Look what I just got in the mail!


Ive been reading Becky’s blog for quite a few months now and I am so excited to have been one of the first to purchase her book. Becky is a former refugee. Almost all (if not all) proceeds are going to benefit refugees and war victims. Even if it wasnt, I would still buy the book because Becky’s posts are the ones that I wait to read every day. When a new post shows up, its the first one I click on. But the fact that she IS helping others with this book is amazing. It is what we should all hope for.

From what I earn with this book, I will donate 50% of my author’s income to help refugees, people who help refugees, former war victims, orphans and wherever I think help is needed. And I will keep you updated on the amount and the place where the money went. The more I sell, the more I can do. The more people read about this campaign, the more chances we have that somebody out there opens his eyes and sees it in a different light.

Please visit her blog Restart Urgently Needed by clicking here. Support her and help her to ‘make the world a better place’.

I leave you with one more quote from her blog about why she wants to help in this war:

Imagine you wake up. The sun is shining, birds are singing. You get yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy the silence. And suddenly… boom. A grenade hits a house in your street. You get up, still in your pajamas. You gather your passport, money and the most important things and you leave. Imagine they kill your family. Imagine they burn down the house you built all your life. Imagine they hurt you. Imagine you see how they kill a loved one in front of your eyes. Just imagine that. What would you do? Imagine you have no weapons. Imagine you’re sick  or old or a woman or a kid. Would you run for your life? You would. Each of us would.

I wrote this book with a purpose. I have absolutely no interest in becoming a bestselling author, leaving my job as a scientist and living from writing. I love science. I love to contribute to finding a cure for a disease. I would never leave. I love writing as well, but I have no education in that. But I do have a heart. And I do have some talent, otherwise I wouldn’t have managed to be Freshly Pressed or I wouldn’t have gathered more than 1600 followers here. This book may not win the nobel price. But it may contribute to a better future for someone out there, for a kid that is in the age I was when they burnt down my future in my home country.


Diet. Diet is an aweful word. Its a FOUR letter word in our house, if you catch my drift. 😉  But diet in terms of what you eat, not necessarily being on a diet, is a huge part of a weight loss journey. At least it really should be. If you are not making a conscious decision to eat healthy(er) then, in my opinion, you are eating yourself to death.

I know that I was personally eatting myself to death. If I kept going the way that I was going I would die much sooner than I wanted to. For me, I make a consious decision to eat healthier every day. Its not easy in any way, in fact its Fucking difficult. Its hard. I dont always eat healthy 100% of the time. I still eat crap that I crave or just really want, but I make a consious choice of putting something into my body instead of doing it absent mindedly like I use to.

I track my calories EVERY DAY, even on my bad days where I just cant seem to fill up.  I have weeks (usually the week before my monthly visitor) where I just want to eat everything in site…and yes it happens. I dont feel too bad about it though because I still have to live my life. I dont want to feel like I’ve deprived myself everyday from things that I want. At the end of the day I still want to feel like I lived a life and really, truely ENJOYED it and that includes eating yummy food!

Anyways, I thought I would post one of my favourite recipes that I am in love with right now. If you know me, then you know that I am addicted to Pinterest! and I have a few boards dedicated to Healthy meals, healthy lunches, healthy snacks etc. Well I found this recipe at Home Cooked Memories and it is to die for! Baked Turkey Meatballs with Spinache.  They are so moist and flavourful that you would not even know that they are under 55 calories each!

I made a big batch and I froze them in a large ziploc bag. Now I just go in when I’m prepping my lunches and grab a few to throw in as my protein. They are amazing when you reheat them, they didn’t seem to dry out at all. This was my lunch today. I used 3 meatballs, 1 cup of Uncle Bens rice and 2 cups of steamed broccoli and cauliflower. You can make your rice or grain however you want, I just choose Uncle Bens for convenience.


Well here is the recipe and a link to the blog where I found them:

Baked Turkey Meatballs with Spinach

  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 1 large onion, finely chopped
  • 2 garlic cloves, finely minced
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • ½ teaspoon ground black pepper
  • ¼ teaspoon dried thyme leaves
  • ½ teaspoon dried oregano
  • ¼ – ½ teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes (optional – adjust to your preference)
  • 16 oz frozen chopped spinach (defrosted, drained, and squeezed to remove excess water)
  • 2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
  • ⅓ cup chicken broth
  • 2½ lbs lean ground turkey
  • ¾ cup bread crumbs
  • 2 large eggs
  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Prepare a large baking sheet by spraying with cooking spray. I actually line my baking sheet with foil and then spray with cooking spray.
  2. In a frying pan on medium heat, heat olive oil until hot. Then add onion, garlic, salt, pepper, thyme, oregano, and red pepper flakes. Sauté until onion is tender (about 5-6 minutes total time).
  3. Add spinach to pan and combine with onion mixture. Add Worcestershire sauce and chicken broth and mix well to combine. Cook until most of the liquid has cooked out (evaporated). I don’t have much liquid in my pan after I combine all these, but it will depend on how well you drained your spinach. Remove from heat and allow to cool to room temperature.
  4. In a large bowl, combine the turkey, bread crumbs, and egg. Add cooled onion/spinach mixture to the meat. I do all of this step with my hands, but you can use a spoon if you prefer.
  5. 5. With your hands, create meatballs that are about 1 – 1½ inches in diameter and place them on the baking sheet. Leave a little bit of space between each meatball. When you are done shaping your meatballs, you will probably have about 40-42 meatballs from this recipe. Don’t need that many? Freeze them after baking or cut this recipe in half (but I say freeze them and then you’ve done the work only once and have a future meal).
  6. Bake until your meatballs are cooked through with an internal temperature of 160 degrees F – which was about 20 minutes for my oven. Remove from oven and serve as desired.