Golden Valley Silver Flowers

Look what I just got in the mail!


Ive been reading Becky’s blog for quite a few months now and I am so excited to have been one of the first to purchase her book. Becky is a former refugee. Almost all (if not all) proceeds are going to benefit refugees and war victims. Even if it wasnt, I would still buy the book because Becky’s posts are the ones that I wait to read every day. When a new post shows up, its the first one I click on. But the fact that she IS helping others with this book is amazing. It is what we should all hope for.

From what I earn with this book, I will donate 50% of my author’s income to help refugees, people who help refugees, former war victims, orphans and wherever I think help is needed. And I will keep you updated on the amount and the place where the money went. The more I sell, the more I can do. The more people read about this campaign, the more chances we have that somebody out there opens his eyes and sees it in a different light.

Please visit her blog Restart Urgently Needed by clicking here. Support her and help her to ‘make the world a better place’.

I leave you with one more quote from her blog about why she wants to help in this war:

Imagine you wake up. The sun is shining, birds are singing. You get yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy the silence. And suddenly… boom. A grenade hits a house in your street. You get up, still in your pajamas. You gather your passport, money and the most important things and you leave. Imagine they kill your family. Imagine they burn down the house you built all your life. Imagine they hurt you. Imagine you see how they kill a loved one in front of your eyes. Just imagine that. What would you do? Imagine you have no weapons. Imagine you’re sick  or old or a woman or a kid. Would you run for your life? You would. Each of us would.

I wrote this book with a purpose. I have absolutely no interest in becoming a bestselling author, leaving my job as a scientist and living from writing. I love science. I love to contribute to finding a cure for a disease. I would never leave. I love writing as well, but I have no education in that. But I do have a heart. And I do have some talent, otherwise I wouldn’t have managed to be Freshly Pressed or I wouldn’t have gathered more than 1600 followers here. This book may not win the nobel price. But it may contribute to a better future for someone out there, for a kid that is in the age I was when they burnt down my future in my home country.

3 thoughts on “Golden Valley Silver Flowers

  1. You just made me cry!!! I have no clue why it showed to me that I don’t follow your blog, just a few days ago it was fine. My wp is going crazy these days.
    Anyways, you received your copy even before my order arrived! (so unfair) 🙂 I do hope you’ll enjoy it and that it’s not as terrible as it seems to me (but I guess I’m fed up with re-reading lol) and THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for this!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


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