Headed In The Right Direction

This past week has been amazing in terms of motivation and actual workouts. My meal planning was not as spot on as it was last week, but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t prep at all. I’m waiting for SOMEONE to make cabbage soup with my weekend leftovers soo…I prepped for 2 days instead of the whole week lol

My meal plan for this week includes:

Breakfast 310 calories, 42 carbs – toast with cottage cheese and mini-medley tomatoes

Lunch415 calories, 60 carbs – brown rice, glazed carrots, and my turkey and spinach meat balls OR cabbage soup (once its made and IF there are left overs)

Snacks 90 calories, 4 carbs – mini cucumbers and humus

Monday, as always, was Zumba night. I wasnt feeling great, but I participated. It was a half-assed participation but I made it through the entire hour so I call that a success haha.

My sister and I had talked about wanting to go back to the gym. We also agreed how difficult it was to go to the gym without some kind of partner to encourage us. I need that in my life. I can almost guarantee that I will not go to the gym unless I am going with someone.

So guess what I did on Wednesday AND Thursday?! I went to the GYM :O. It was awful and wonderful all at the same time.

Wednesday was leg day and cardio. I choose the bike almost every time, mostly because of the arthritis in my feet. My legs hurt the next day and by day 2 I couldn’t walk to save my life! But honestly, I welcomed the pain. Yes I bitched about it to anyone who would listen, but I loved every second of it. It meant that I was building muscle and what does muscle do? Muscle helps burn fat 🙂

Thursday I actually pushed my sister to go back to the gym. I was definitely feeling the motivation to get moving. We decided to do arms and abs and then I went for a walk on the treadmill to try and stretch out my sore legs. I would not recommend this as I wanted to keel over the next day lol I should have just done some really good stretches through my thighs instead.

I find the gym or going for a really good walk (it would be run if I was allowed to run) really clears your head. For me this is huge. I over think everything. I re-play conversations or interactions with people over and over again in my head until I am crazily analyzing everything that happened that day or the day before. So I need the gym, the physical exertion, to clear my mind. To think only of what move to do next, what muscle group to work, to push harder…that was bliss to me this week.

I have Zumba again tonight and plan on heading back to the gym at least 2 nights this week. I can’t believe I am saying this but…I am STOKED haha

“Weight loss is like driving: If you ever veer off the the road, just make a U-turn and head back in the right direction.”

Me and the SEESTER showing off our lack of guns (or at least my lack of guns) at the gym lol

6 thoughts on “Headed In The Right Direction

  1. It sounds like you had a very productive week workout wise. Good for you! Also, you look great by the way…check out the leg and hip definition! Woo-hoo!

    Now I seem to recall you posting something on my blog where you said it would take you a year to lose weight for a specific reason…I have the details fuzzy…but with all you’re doing, surely you’re speeding up that process?!


    • Thank you! Last week was great. Zumba last night was a blast as well.

      Actually my weight loss may take about 5 years :O 15 pounds a year. This still sounds crazy to me, but it seems to be the way its going.

      Hopefully it speeds it up a bit. But honestly, I was working out 4-5 days a week before and eating healthy and lost only a bit of weight during that time too. Its just the way my body reacts to the medications that I have to take for my diabetes.

      That is why they often push gastric bipass or the lap band surgeries on diabetics because it is so difficult to lose weight for us. I am not ready for THAT. I want to do it myself. Im pretty positive that I can, I just know that it will take that much extra work on my part.

      I only have a few pounds to go to hit my 15 pound weight loss in a year though, so Im pretty pumped for that!

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      • I’m sure you are going to reach that goal! It’s great that you’re being kind to your body and understanding the limitations that you’re currently facing due to medication. Regardless of weight, you’re making healthy choices and these changes you’re making can only be doing good things for you!

        I actually started the Beta phase of T25 (and posted about it yesterday) and I am really happy for the change of pace from Alpha. You mentioned that you were considering trying it out again and I really think that you should! I won’t go so far as to say it’s fun (because then I’d be insane) but it’s a great workout in a short amount of time (what more can I ask for?).


      • Thanks girl! I am pretty positive about it for sure. Being kind to your body is important for everyone, no matter your weight, as long as making healthy choices is at the top of your priority list 🙂
        I saw that! Havent had a minute to comment yet. I am so proud of you for getting through a week of Beta so far. That is really awesome.
        I am still considering trying it. Thats what I love about T25…only 25 minutes for a hard core workout!
        And I think the verdict is still out on whether or not either of us are insane 😛 anyone who does T25 and enjoys any part of it, is iffy haha

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