Bitch Fest…get ready for it.

Well yesterday was a bust!

First of all, yesterday was just an ordinary day. Nothing special happened, I wasnt sad or upset or anything like that. But yesterday I was hungry. I don’t think hungry is the correct word actually. RAVENOUS! Yes, ravenous would be more the correct term. All day I was ravenous, no matter what I ate, I just wanted to eat more.

And eat more was just what I did. I ate everything in sight! I ate my breakfast, my lunch, and what snacks I had by 10 am. I ate a second lunch (yes I know, that’s ridiculous) at 12:30, I was finished dinner by 5:30 and then the goodies were consumed by 8 pm. I cannot believe how much I ate. Nothing would satiate my hunger.

Its embarrassing to admit how much food, how many calories, I ate yesterday. BUT this is me being accountable. This does not happen often, so when it does happen I need to not feel THAT badly about it.

After my day-long binge fest I decided that I absolutely had to work out (obviously to burn off the massive amount of calories that I consumed), so I did the T25 Total Body Circuit. Have you told you yet how much I HATE TBC? Well I do, with a passion.

It’s not that I hate the video itself, it’s the fact that I cannot do at least half of the moves. And before you say it, I can’t even follow the modifier because I cannot do what she is doing either!

I have arthritis in my toe joints, of all places to have arthritis. This prohibits me from putting any weight on my toes while they are being pushed/bent upward/forward/towards my body. So basically, planks are out of the question and that’s what half of the video consists of. I can do the modified version of a plank, that is fine, but most of the plank moves involve moving your feet. Even the modifier is on her toes moving her feet! I just get so frustrated!

Last night, I got so frustrated that I cried. I cried because my feet hurt, because I couldn’t even begin to do the modified moves, because I knew how much my feet were going to hurt today from the cramping that came at 20 minutes in, and because I felt like it was useless to even bother.

But, after talking to my coach and getting some suggestions–like doing squats or something totally different while everyone is doing the planking exercises, or just not doing that video all together (doing a different video in its place)– I feel a bit better. I still feel like I hate that stupid TBC workout, but I feel like that’s not my only choice. I am still choosing getting healthy and working out, I just don’t have to do it by the book.  As long as I still do it and don’t give up.

Here is to not giving up 😀


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