Common Misconceptions When it Comes To Fat Loss

A Health & Fitness Blog  is great and this post Common Misconceptions When it Comes to Fat Loss  is exactly what I have been telling people my whole life! Please read it. Especially if you are ‘dieting’ or have hit a plateau or are trying to research how to change your life for the better….read this.

I only re-blog things when I read them and feel like I could not have said something better myself. So, in my opinion, it is definately worth the read.

Source: Common Misconceptions When it Comes To Fat Loss

One thought on “Common Misconceptions When it Comes To Fat Loss

  1. I just read the article and I do agree with many of the points. However, the girl writing the post didn’t have any fat to lose. In fact, her before picture looks how I hope my after picture will look! LOL

    Seriously though, if someone is 250+ pounds, then the scale should move in 5 months if they are doing all of the right things. I know the weight that I need to be in order to be healthy and in order for that to happen, the scale does need to cooperate. It takes time and isn’t the only measurement, but I don’t think that it should be “thrown out” either. She only lost 5 pounds in 5 months, but she was quite small to begin with. I think it’s different for everyone and also depends on what your starting point is and if you have any underlying conditions.

    Thank you for sharing!


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